Sunday, June 1, 2008


Herbs are one of my favorite things to plant. Currently I have a bed just bursting with oregano, flax, chives, lavender, thyme, sage, and marjaram. The sage and the chives are full of purple beds. The flax is blooming in blue. Lavender is just about ready to bloom. The smell of lavender is truly amazing. I had to move the parsley and basil to the other side of the house since there is no more room in the original bed. Also growing along the house is peppermint on the south side and chocolate mint on the north side. I love the taste of basil. This spring I had a difficult time locating plants so I planted seeds in a box, the I did find and purchase 6 plants. Well, the seeds have sprouted and it looks like basil will be growing everywhere.

Just a light touch of the hand to many of the plants is all that is needed to release a pleasing aroma. Herbs take very little maintence and seem to grow just about anywhere. They are a pleasurable crop. How many plants grow that can flavor your food and drink, please the eye, and smell so wonderful. Pictured here are the sage and chive blossoms.