Monday, July 6, 2009

Mady is 3!!!

Today is Mady's 3rd birthday. Hard to think she has been around that long! I'm sure big sis, Trinity feels like it though. Mady is a VERY busy little girl. She does not miss much & is a delight to all who meet her. Because of work schedules, her Dora the Explorer party isn't until Saturday. Happy Birthday Mady!!!

A big kid, just like her sister!

After she learned to wink it became her favorite pose.

This is not one of my shots, but couldn't help including it. Her Dad took it on a recent camping trip. Mady has natural curls, making each morning "a bad hair morning"!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Widow's Walk

Our beach house sported a widow's walk. The small observation areas were originally reported to have been used by sailor's wives to watch for their husband's return from his latest trip at sea. Well, I knew Andy was safely on land back in PA, so I used it for second, of course! I enjoyed some quiet moments up on the roof. A lovely breeze blew in off the ocean, providing a bit of relief from the heat.

Looks a bit worn, but still sturdy!

The causeway leading onto the island over the rooftops.

The tower, humm, looks a bit crooked! Post processing needed on this one, since it stood straight "in real life".

Looking east toward the Alantic Ocean.

Looking west toward the mainland.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ocean Isle Beach

June started out CRAZY but ended on a lovely note with a trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina to join Mom, a couple sisters, their families, & even a brother, for a week of fun & sun. We all stayed in a rented beach house, which helps with the expense a whole bunch, especially with food, since we can cook our own. Of course, I had the camera handy & got some nice shots, which I will share here as time goes on. My drive home was interesting. I visited a gift shop further south, then set my GPS destination to Winchester, VA. It took me through some interesting NC county roads. Got to look over local scenery & crops. Tobacco was reaching for the sky, ready to blossom. Corn was in tassel, even being picked - here in southern PA we plan on "knee high by the 4th of July". Blueberries were everywhere. Yum, my favorite! The Canon was on the seat beside me, but if I had stopped to take the shots I seen, I'd probably not be home yet!

I have many images to process & share on here, vacation & otherwise. So hopefully I can get myself back to normal (whatever that is) with regular posts.

This is a family shot taken on the beach. Keep in mind this is not even half of us!