Thursday, November 20, 2008

Antietam National Battlefield

This one of my favorite shots taken on our recent trip to Antietam National Battlefield. We started up a small hill, the silhouette of the tree & fence contrasted so nicely with the amazing blue sky.
It is so nice to be able to share & view so many beautiful skys with my Skywatch Friday friends. I encourage you to join is by clicking here then following the instruction provided

Monday, November 17, 2008

Robin Hood

Andy's daughter, Sierra, was an old widow in the middle school musical "Robin Hood" this past week. After practicing since early September this group of kids, in grades 4 - 6, did an excellent job singing & dancing. They did the entire musical Tuesday evening for parents, then did part of it Wednesday for school students, then a performance Friday evening, Saturday evening, & Sunday afternoon. To have the energy of youth!! It exhausts me to think about it, let alone do it! About the only other thing I can say is GREAT JOB guys. Enjoy these shots of "My World", then visit this meme to see what is happening in worlds from all over. Feel free to share your world, it's often the only way we visit your area.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sunrise is something rare for me to photograph. It seems I'd rather be tucked in my bed at that hour! Andy, somehow, managed to get me up & moving this past Monday morning. Actually the bribe of breakfast out worked well. We went to the top of Tuscarora mountain to watch the sunrise. The cloud cover was pretty heavy, but we managed to capture some lovely colors anyhow. Enjoy those colors with us for this week's skywatch. To post your sky or view what others have posted join us by clicking here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank You .... for My Free World

I had a planned to share more of my family with "That's My World" friends.... but Andy & I enjoyed a day of each other's company & explored with our camera's in hand. We visited Antietam National Battlefield. The images are from today in honor of those who died for (my)our freedom. Join in this wonderful meme that allows us to share stories & photos of our world by clicking here

Friday, November 7, 2008


Nolan's "biggest & best smile"

Nolan turned 2 today! We celebrated on a beautiful last Saturday to meet everyone's schedules. Everyone got to play outside. His cousins were all present & he got lots of great stuff . His dad had issued warnings to all that none of the gifts were to need put together, some were cooperative, others weren't! Granny met half way with an easy to put together indoor frog tent that would make a perfect hideout. Really cute! Of course, we enjoyed pizza from Pizza Hut (his mom is a Pizza Hut store manager) & some really yummy cake & ice cream. Nolan's favorite, Thomas the Train was the party theme. Happy birthday little one!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skywatch Friday

Today's Skywatch was taken at one of my favorite areas. A few weeks earlier, I shared a summer shot from this overlook on Sidling Hill. Recently I went back to capture fall images while preparing for a local photo contest. I did not enter this one only because it looks better on the monitor rather than flattened on paper. I really the patchwork of the land, and how the sun highlights the mountain tops. Do you have sky pictures to share or do you want to view skies from all over the world? If so, join us right here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Golden Show

Very soon the wonderful colors of fall will be only a memory to be enjoyed with the help of my many images. As I sit at my computer I can see a wooded area. Through out this year I have enjoyed watching nature's display with each season. It is amazing how much more I "see" since the Fuji has become a constant companion. Of course I noticed how few trees were left with leaves & how the few remaining maples had a lovely golden glow. I grabbed my friend & headed out to capture the final shots. This maple tree is providing a grand finale to a brilliant show.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My World; My Grandchildren

For the next couple "That's My World" post I think I will share those so very important in my world. Lets start with the little guys. On & off I have posted about each of my grandchildren in this blog, but not since meeting my "my world" friends. The first, Trinity, was 8 on October 23. She is my son, Joe's, child. Trinity is in second grade & does very well in school. Her beautiful hair is waist length. For many years she was THE princess, she has grown to be Hannah Montana Fan. Easy to tell since nearly all her clothing displays the sparkling star! Next we have Madyson, Trinity's sister. Madyson turned 2 in early July. Shortly after she started talking & hasn't stopped since! Mady is a handful. For Halloween, she dressed as Tinkerbell. I can not imagine a less likely fairy. Then we have Nolan who will be 2 this week. Nolan is my son Josh's little one. He is one of what I like to think of as my miracle babies. He was born about 2 months early & weighted 3# 6oz. He spent a couple weeks in the Hershey Medical Center growing & learning to survive in our world. How sad it was to see this little one attached to tubes & wires. Thankfully Nolan has grown & developed normally & is the typical busy 2 year old. Finally we have Levi, my daughter's child. Levi also joined us about 2 months early & weighted 3#6oz. His birthday is February 1 - he will be 2 in 2009. Just like Nolan he spent some time in the NICU with wires & tubes, along with constant supervision. He too has grown & developed normally. Levi is the dark haired & dark eyed contrast to the light colors of the other 3. He watches the world go by very seriously much of the time. To watch these little guys grow & change has been amazing. I look at preemie baby clothing in the stores & can't imagine they were so tiny! As you can imagine holidays & birthday parties can be pretty wild at Granny & Pap's house with so many the same age. But how wonderful that confusion is. This Granny would not have it any other way! Do you want to share your world or explore others? Feel free to join us here

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Learning Elements - Still

I was able to do some post processing over the last couple days. Photoshop Elements & a few clicks can give some amazing results! Addition of a spot light can give a shot a whole different perspective. Pretty cool! The fence is "old photo" and as always I love black & white! Three of the following images are from our Gettysburg trip. The final is an early autumn shot across from my house with the addition of a faded frame. I really like all 4 effects & hope you do too.