Sunday, August 31, 2008

More on Codorus

This little guy was willing to help for peanuts!

Crabapple cabin - home away from home

Is this cheating?

Can't be cheating if it doesn't help!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Codorus State Park

Andy & I just spent a couple peaceful days at Codorus State Park located in Hanover PA. And yes, we did see the UTZ chip factory & the very large home of Hanover Foods. Our plans included fishing, reading, photography,& eating. Not too lucky on the fishing part, did really well on the eating & pretty good photography wise. Got a few paragraphs read on the lounge chair too. We rented a camping cottage, very nice except for the hard bed. The nearby lake was a beautiful blue color & enjoyed watching the sailboats. Did go out with Andy fishing one time, an unlucky trip for him, but I got some cool images to share. Squrrels were our nearest neighbors & provided much opportunity for photography, as did a chipmunk that was in & out. Sadly, as we approached the lake one evening an accident had happened just ahead, one of the vehicles was on fire, & emergency personnel soon arrived on scene. A helicopter was called to transport one of the drivers & landed on the highway. Fortunately, a news check the following day stated all involved were OK. We did make an emergency trip to Panara to take advantage of Wii since we were in internet withdrawal & for a yummy chia tea. One of the shots I am sharing today is of a great blue heron who had no intention of posing for me, as you will see he refused to stick around!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Visit by a beautiful butterfly

Boy, have I been lazy about posting. Up to the normal summer, job, & granny kind of stuff! Really looking foreward to a 2 week vacation starting in 2 days. We are going to spend a couple of days at Codorus State Park. The state park system in PA has built camping cabins which are really neat - log cabins with beds - sleeps 5, a small table & electricity. No bathroom facilities, but we find very few other to share the camp showers with this time of the year. There is a small porch on front (perfect for my hammock), a campfire ring, & picnic table. I can spend my time with my camera, some good books, & just relaxing. There is a lake, so the boat & fishing gear is going along to entertain Andy during our stay, since he is not good at sitting still! Will plan to share some of my captures as time goes on.
I entered several pictures in our county fair last week (at Andy's encouragement) & did pretty well. I managed a 1st, 3 seconds, 2 thirds, & a fourth. No too bad. I will share those shots when I figure out which disc or flash drive they are on! Today I want to share a couple butterfly shots with you. This beauty hung out & was a perfect model. Wasn't even concerned about how close I got.