Monday, December 15, 2008

A Beautiful World

In "My World" winter has been making it's presence know. We have been pretty lucky here at the foot of the mountains, ice has not affected us as of yet, but driving to work late last week the mountain tops on both sides of McConnellsburg had a definite line where ice ended. It was beautiful! A glistening palace on both sides. It was neat watching how the sparkle changed through out the day, depending where the sun was (or wasn't)at that time. I did not need to travel anywhere that was icy, although on Saturday I made a trip up the mountain to get Nolan cause Mom & Dad both needed to work. What us locals know as Robertsdale Mountain was unbelievable! Snow & ice on the trees backed by a blue sky was just fantastic. I didn't leave early enough to do much photography on the trip up, but on the drive back I took some quick shots - didn't want to spend alot of time cause Nolan was with me. When you are "2" being strapped in a car seat is not fun even if your Granny is bouncing around taking pictures. The weather forecast calls for a wintry mix tomorrow which should give me another chance.
The shots shared here were taken in that icy mountain world. This was the perfect opportunity to try out the star filter I purchased a few months ago. I really like the effect. Thanks for looking. Click here to join in.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Deer Hunting in PA

After being absent a week I need to say I am sorry to all the folks I did not answer last time. I was on vacation last week & it seems I had less time than when I work! Please accept my apologies, I'll try to do better this week. Hope all celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful one.

Hunters are in the PA forests & fields for the next 2 weeks trying to "get a deer". Of course, everyone wants the big buck that the PA Game Commission has promised will be around this year. Others, are happy to fell a doe. In my short history of hunting it was quite cold, so I wore lots of clothing & carried a pack with lots of hot tea, lunch (& snacks), a blanket, & a book. I did carry a rifle, but I'm not sure why - I never used it! My hunt was for a good spot to read & enjoy nature. I remember one year in particular my sons & I were at the edge of a field of round hay bales. Josh & I had the best time climbing the bales & sliding back down. Another early morning, son Joe and I went to the back field to wait for a buck that we knew was there. It was quite dark yet, so we settled along the edge in some trees to wait. Well, the buck was in the trees lying down nearby, he snorted & took off, giving us a BIG scare. Needless to say we headed for home empty handed. Most hunters are more serious than I (& more successful), but it was fun. Venison is quite good. I like it canned then made into a gravy with onions & mushrooms, and served over mashed potatoes. YUM! We ate that often when my kids were growing up. Andy enjoys the steaks, loin, & bologna that he makes each year. Hunting is a very big part of "My World". Andy hunts and helps capture the sportsmen who think they are above the law.
I am hoping to not offend anyone with this shot of Andy & the 10 point he stumbled across this morning. A 10 point is a trophy that earns bragging rights for years to come. Join us here to enjoy many worlds or to share yours.