Sunday, March 30, 2008

While I Wait

I am anxiously awaiting springtime & the life it brings. I love the colors of fall & really don't mind the monotones of winter. Nature blesses us with beauty no matter the season, but the colors & newness of springtime are special. I anxiously watch my herb garden and flower beds for new growth. My husband supports Daffodil Days each year by purchasing me a bouquet of the happy yellow stunners. This year, besides enjoying the bright spot of color in my kitchen, I decided to try practice my macro skills. I particularly like this image. The frame is courtsey of PhotoFiltre. Enjoy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

We celebrated Easter yesterday. Missed son, Caleb since he needed to get everything ready to go top work bright & early Monday & daughter-in-law Jerri was needed to manage Pizza Hut for those who like a little Italian flavor to their dinner. All 4 grandchildren were present & enjoyed "Easter bags"filled with some goodies. Step-daughters Molly & Sierra got the more traditional Easter baskets. We all enjoyed a turkey dinner. The photos show the bag/basket line up, Trinity, with sister Madyson in the background - take notice of Mady's Easter dress & boots! Nolan showed up quite shy, then managed to show off his new haircut & moves! Finally Levi helped load the dishwasher - then felt a little dirty, so decided to joint he dishes for a wash! Each step taken included a baby or a toy. Granny loved it. Not too often can we get together like that. I had a special helper for the meal - Trinity is becoming quite a little chef & didn't even complain (too much) while picking up the baby toys afterwards. Thanks, Trinity!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Looking like spring

It sure is looking like spring these days, but that can change rather quickly as we know. Wandered around outside a bit this afternoon & found a couple crocus I didn't know we had, so of course, I ran for the Fuji. Even found a bee doing his thing!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still being lazy!!

Been awfully busy lately, but not too busy to play with the babies. Levi spent a night with Granny last week. The next day his mother, Levi, & myself headed for Harrisburg for a civil service test. My daughter took the test, Levi & I people watched. He does a good job for such a little guy. Spent several hours Saturday with Nolan while Mom & Dad worked. He is a busy & talkative little fellow for someone who can't say words yet! His Mom assured me he slept late & lunch could be later - 12:15 Nolan is @ his high chair pointing. So much for a later lunch! Both of these little men are very near to walking. Can't wait! Trinity & Madyson are in & out. Trinity contents herself with the computer or paper & pen. Mady does everything she can as fast as she can! Here is a picture of Nolan that I converted from a color photo to an india ink drawing with the assistance of PhotoFiltre. Planning to do a set with all four grandchildren in the very near future.