Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adventure to Trough Creek State Park

We took a road trip yesterday($3+ for a gallon of gas - yikes). Lake Raystown has always been a favorite destination. Trough Creek State Park is right next door. Actually we went to see the if the walleye were spawning - no luck there, but enjoyed taking some nature pix. As I looked at photos Andy took & mine I can't help comparing the difference in what our eyes see & camera catches. Amazing. Same spot, totally different look. Scariest part of the day was crossing the suspension (foot) bridge to reach Rainbow Falls. I really think the sway was making me seasick. But worth the effort after you cross it. Rainbow Falls is small, but beautiful. Rhodendron Trail is in the same area, provided some wonderfully fresh green, & should be breathtaking come June. Found it interesting ice remained in pockets in the rocks. The photo is one of Rainbow Falls. Enjoy. 'til next time......

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