Sunday, March 21, 2010

Horses & "Topaz Adjust"

Andy & I spent the later afternoon hours in Chambersburg yesterday capturing images of a waterfall & an old waterwheel. After getting something to eat, we ventured to South Mountain, & the Waynesboro Reservoir. It was getting pretty dark til then, but I got a couple interesting Canada goose shots. While driving out of town a couple draft horses that I have had my eye on were near enough to capture. Magnificent animals! I understand I missed a treat when they pulled a sleigh after one of our snowstorms. Anyhow, I want to share a couple of those images today. Before I do that, I wanted to mention that a Photoshop plug in, Topaz Adjust, has caught my fancy. Photography or graphics? A bit of both? All three of these images have been "adjusted".

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Willard said...

Beautiful shots. You are ahead of me on the Topaz adjust. I have heard of it, but not tried it.