Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wildwood Park

Wildwood Park is located on the edge of Harrisburg. A lake, nature trails, boardwalks, & bird blinds are available to all who wish to indulge. The Benjamin Olewine III Nature Center offers educational opportunities. Garden areas provide food & shelter for birds & other wildlife. I took this shot of a great blue heron near the entrance of the park. Interestingly enough route 81 passes very near this spot. Several Canada Geese were floating on a nearby area of the lake. There are 2 other parking areas along the lake, taking one away from the busy, noisy highway. I noticed many joggers, dog walkers, & plenty of people enjoying a brief outing after a busy work day. It is a good spot for photographers since the scenery is lovely & appropriate for wildlife shooting. This was my second trip to Wildwood Park, one in the spring & this one in the fall. Truly a jewel among the busy world of city dwellers.

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