Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amazing Scenery

I rode along with my husband while he patroled a local state game lands. Of course my camera (& his) went too. We were on a mountain top not usually accessable to motor vehicles - although ATVs manage to trespass illegally. Those were the bad guys we were looking for today. We took a short hike to enjoy the scenery looking out over the valley & then enjoyed a view of the lake in the other direction. I have a dislike of manmade things-like telephone poles, wires, even roads in most instances, in my photos & had stated how unsual it was to not have to try to eliminate those kinds of things. Unfortunately, a few steps later, 2 water bottles & some other trash were lying near a rock. What a disappointment!! Hunter? Hiker? ATV rider? Photographer? While you enjoy what you do, please remember "leave only footprints". I am posting a couple photos of the view & the "trash" photos. As for you bad guys running ATVs, you made it may not be so lucky next time!

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