Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Quilt

On a trip to a nearby thrift store I found a beautiful quilt. It is hand worked, although the edge hem is by machine (doubt that it was an electric one!) & it is quite old. Someone, many years ago stored this treasure away in moth balls for safe keeping. The pattern is maple leaf & it is done in browns, green & tan. The fabric has taken that wonderful aged look that only time can produce. My first thought when I seen it hanging on the rack was "Oh my, how can someone part with this piece of their history, a relative sat for many hours to create this piece of art". As anyone who has walked through our home can tell you I have a love for anything from our past. I display many pieces of our family heritage; pictures, gassware, furniture, even my Grandmom's apron hangs from my Hoosier cupboard (overseeing the baking of her kiffle recipe each Christmas). So many treasures! Sometimes my collections are from flea makets, auctions, or resale shops - bits & pieces of other folk's family heritage. As hard as I tried I could not let this quilt hang, & for only $10! So, I adopted this little bit of someones history & proudly display it with my own. I have made my self believe that whoever lovingly packed this quilt away was probably the last of the family line & sorting was done by strangers. Quilter, wherever you are, your artwork lives on. Welcome to my family.

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