Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

We celebrated Easter yesterday. Missed son, Caleb since he needed to get everything ready to go top work bright & early Monday & daughter-in-law Jerri was needed to manage Pizza Hut for those who like a little Italian flavor to their dinner. All 4 grandchildren were present & enjoyed "Easter bags"filled with some goodies. Step-daughters Molly & Sierra got the more traditional Easter baskets. We all enjoyed a turkey dinner. The photos show the bag/basket line up, Trinity, with sister Madyson in the background - take notice of Mady's Easter dress & boots! Nolan showed up quite shy, then managed to show off his new haircut & moves! Finally Levi helped load the dishwasher - then felt a little dirty, so decided to joint he dishes for a wash! Each step taken included a baby or a toy. Granny loved it. Not too often can we get together like that. I had a special helper for the meal - Trinity is becoming quite a little chef & didn't even complain (too much) while picking up the baby toys afterwards. Thanks, Trinity!

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