Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still being lazy!!

Been awfully busy lately, but not too busy to play with the babies. Levi spent a night with Granny last week. The next day his mother, Levi, & myself headed for Harrisburg for a civil service test. My daughter took the test, Levi & I people watched. He does a good job for such a little guy. Spent several hours Saturday with Nolan while Mom & Dad worked. He is a busy & talkative little fellow for someone who can't say words yet! His Mom assured me he slept late & lunch could be later - 12:15 Nolan is @ his high chair pointing. So much for a later lunch! Both of these little men are very near to walking. Can't wait! Trinity & Madyson are in & out. Trinity contents herself with the computer or paper & pen. Mady does everything she can as fast as she can! Here is a picture of Nolan that I converted from a color photo to an india ink drawing with the assistance of PhotoFiltre. Planning to do a set with all four grandchildren in the very near future.

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