Friday, November 7, 2008


Nolan's "biggest & best smile"

Nolan turned 2 today! We celebrated on a beautiful last Saturday to meet everyone's schedules. Everyone got to play outside. His cousins were all present & he got lots of great stuff . His dad had issued warnings to all that none of the gifts were to need put together, some were cooperative, others weren't! Granny met half way with an easy to put together indoor frog tent that would make a perfect hideout. Really cute! Of course, we enjoyed pizza from Pizza Hut (his mom is a Pizza Hut store manager) & some really yummy cake & ice cream. Nolan's favorite, Thomas the Train was the party theme. Happy birthday little one!


Mrs. Salty said...

Happy 2nd B-day to Nolan what a cutie-pie!

Leedra said...

He is so cute. I think it is funny (and cute) how the little ones scrunch up their nose when they smile.