Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madyson at City Park

I am off all this week & had promised Madyson we would go somewhere one day so she could sit in her "pretty pink car seat". We went to city park in Hagerstown to feed the waterfowl & to take pictures. A goose nipped her, that took care of any feeding for her...I finished. The geese are every bit as tall as she is, I doubt that I could be convinced to feed anything my height, especially the way they grabbed. (Andy tried to fed the geese & ducks corn during one visit - they had no clue what it was. Definitely city dwellers!) She picked some roses, then wanted to find the playground, since we were in a park there had to be one. So we ventured to the other side of the park. One can not image the positions a 3 year old can manage on swings! She climbed what could be climbed & ran everywhere. I ask her to sit on a wall so I could take a "nice picture" of her. It took some time & many shots to climb the steps & try sitting anywhere one could sit...except the wall. Finally she found the perfect spot & sit for 1 shot. Then immediately was back to movement! Didn't get the shots I had thought about, but sure got some fun ones on a fun afternoon.

"Sit still & smile, please". Gotta love those little teeth.

There were ladders & ramps leading to the slides, of course she chose this route!

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Mrs. Salty said...

Madyson is a busy little girl and a cute one too!