Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Pennsylvania Elk Range

The last leg of last Sunday's roadtrip took us north to the Pennsylvania Wilds. Autumn was making its self know, displaying wonderful colors. We seemed to arrive with perfect timing since the elk were out & about enjoying the evening feed.

This guy was hanging out in a field of several cows doing his best to extend the rut one more day. This one, as you can see, wears the PA Game Commission tracking collar. This shot was taken in the town of Benezette. Looks to me like he must have a headache. Must be tiresome carrying that head dress around for months!

A full tummy then to the top of the hill for a rest.
This is the first elk we seen that day. It is obvious he is in a yard, but what you can't see is a group of people on the porch throwing apples. I fear for the animal when humans "forget" they are wild.

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