Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cold weather

Along with all the good things (Thanksgiving, beautiful views, deer season) this time of the year brings it also brings cold weather. Winter clothing is out. Gloves are nearly a necessity in the early morning. Fuel must be purchased & burnt. Babies are bundled warmly. Darkness comes soon after work. It is nice to sit down & look at vacation pictures & remember. Wondering why being hot on a 90% day with high humidity was so miserable! My husband & I try to get away at least once during the late summer - to me that is the most beautiful time of the year, everything is so vibrant, full of color & of life. Mountains in West Virginia are a favorite spot. This past summer we stayed in PA & traveled north to Bald Eagle State Park. We stayed in a beautiful camping cabin. The park was even equipped with a beautiful lake to keep Andy busy chasing fish while I was lazy & reading in a hammock. We made a side trip to another of our favorite spots - Benzette in Elk County hoping to catch sight of a few Elk. The guys must have been busy elsewhere, but a few of the ladies were more than happy to pose for us. Thought I'd share a few images from those days so you too could enjoy a little summer.

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