Saturday, November 10, 2007


We had our first snow of the season last evening. Unfortunately, down here in the valley there was none, but the surrounding mountains were breathtaking. My husband & I crossed a mountain after having our supper out last evening & was able to enjoy the scenery on that route. Then this morning after my husband & father-in-law cut firewood another magical scene was discovered. When he finished the firewood we went back up the mountain with our cameras. The mountain side was pretty foggy, while Andy cautioned it could be a problem, I though the fog provided a softer look to the photos.
I kinda liked the contrast of the autumn leaves with the winter snow on a couple of these.

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Salty said...

Good to see you're up and running! Andy said you were shooting anything and everything, Way To Go Jean!!

The last pic with everything snow covered in the fog is beautiful!

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