Thursday, July 10, 2008

More of Wilmington NC

After our visit to the Battleship NC my daughter, grandson, & I put our trust in the GPS & ventured into the city. A short ride later we found ourselves on "The Riverwalk" which is exactly what it sounds like - a boardwalk type affair that follows the river. A number of nice shoppes, eating & drinking establishments, line the side opposite the river. There are tourist attractions such as trolly rides & riverboat rides available. One of the buisness's on the water's edge refurbished yaghts. I always wanted to see what was in one of those! It was quite hot & humid that day, so we did not walk far until we were worn out. I did find it interesting that near the river the streets were very narrow & surfaced with brick rather the the materials we see in PA.
The first shot is of the riverboat, the second shows a very warm Levi(he was in a stroller!), & finally a shot of a church steeple taken from the Battleship NC side of the river. This steeple caught my eye both days in this city, so getting a photo was a must.

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