Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wilmington NC

Some really big guns

The really big cable used to tie the ship.

The ships & planes taken out by the Battleship North Carolina

Wilmington is a beautiful city located along a busy river in NC. Just outside, actually, across the river, the Battleship North Carolina in located. This ship is retired, but is open to the public for touring. The first thought I had was WOW, look at the size of this thing! My images are only sections of it. I was pretty impressed by the float plane on the one end. A coworker explained to me how the plane was lifted from the ship, placed in the water for take off, then upon return was lifted back onto the deck. Another area that caught my eye was the flags that show how many ships & planes shot down by the battleship. How sad to be proud of taking human lives, but how necessary to our continued freedom. I actually made 2 trips to this site. The first earlier in the week with my daughter & grandson, then again on the drive home with my husband in the rain. Andy was very impressed with all the firepower contained on board - again so necessary. He explained, I understood some, but some I did not. Anyhow interesting stuff any way you look at it.

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