Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More from our Trip

I couldn't help noticing these plump buds in contrast to the snow on the ground. A promise that spring is coming!

There are many hunting camps, cabins, & summer homes in this area of Pennsylvania. While I love the idea of being across the river relaxing away from the crowd, I would seriously need to consider using a swinging bridge to get there! We seen quite a few of the foot bridges along the way. This one had a seperate line & carrier for your supplies. Notice it has solar lights for night time travel.

One way to brighten your trip to the outhouse!

Take notice in this shot & the one from my last post how the elk don't mind sharing with people, especially if you share your garden, your crops, your shrubbery, & your flowers with them. The only large bull we seen was in the little town of Benzette quite close to houses. We have often seen elk browsing in front yards, back yards, under apple trees, or even resting in a yard. I can't forget one of my early trips to the area. We rented a room in a boarding house in Benzette, did some traveling around in the evening then returned to our room. A huge bull elk had bedded down between the car & the house! How exciting to walk cautiously past! Should you decide to visit this beautiful area & take a peek at these magnificent animals, please remember, even thought some elk will allow one to walk up & sometimes even take an offered apple - DON'T DO IT!! They are wild animals & can cause significant injury. It saddens me to think an elk could be destroyed because it injured someone that did not respect it's space.

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Ranger said...

Jean: As you said in the last part of your story. "Mess with the bull, You get the horn" Always remember wildlife is WILD.