Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pennsylvania Wilds

I have taken a break from blogging for a little while trying my hand at something new. I decided to try making greeting cards using my pictures & with stamping. The hardest part seems to be cutting everything straight! Anyhow, Andy & I made a trip to Elk County in northern PA to see the elk & photograph anything that would stand still. Falling snow made it quite interesting - my elk are spotted! I really don't care if I shoot cow or bull elk, they are all magnificent animals, but one could not help noticing the lack of males. There were quite a few elk to photograph, but only one decent sized bull. This is compared to several years ago, before the PA Game Commission decided to allow a hunting season, when the proud bulls were everywhere. I plan to share shots of the elk & the surrounding area (although I don't have my favorites post-processed yet). Then move on to the ride home & a stop to capture ducks on the pond in Roaring Springs

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Mrs. Salty said...

I like your header and pictures of the elk; they certainly are a sight to see!

Have you used a paper cutter for your card making? We find this works well.