Sunday, February 22, 2009


A friend had mentioned to me that there were swan on the lake at City Park in Hagerstown Maryland. Since I am a country girl, swans are birds that I don't see often........ I can remember visiting my Grandmom, who lived in the city, walking down over the hill to the park to play on the swings & watch the graceful swan in the stream. Somehow, they seemed so magical floating by. So, hearing about swans nearby had me heading in that direction. I noticed several on the little island, but just one on the lake. Soon it was joined by another - thankfully there were plenty of geese & ducks to keep the Fuji occupied while we waited for them to come our way. I was not disappointed, they came quite near & posed for lots of shots. As an adult (I hope it's OK to admit) they hold the same appeal. Beautiful, graceful, magical. Princess material all the way!

I am posting a couple of the shots post-processed in PSE to be used in card making. One of the card fronts I worked up is the swan image posterized (black outline)narrowly framed with pink & blue softly flowered cardstock highlighted with gold glitter curly-ques, then framed again in blue. A magical swan for sure!

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