Monday, October 13, 2008


We made our return trip to Gettysburg today. This trip was alot about image capturing. The history shown in the monuments drew me & alothough history is not one of my favorite things, I want to take some time & learn more about what I have seen. This was my first real trip to Gettysburg, at least since my son, Caleb was in 6th grade. (He is 27 years old now). We have driven thru several times, but nothing in depth. I took around 250 shots, most pretty good. Thus far I have run many thru Picasa to step up contrast, crop, & sharpen. The problem with this many images is what to show first! Perhaps I should start with the Pennsylvania monument, it was my favorite mostly of the lady warrior on top & names of PA soldiers who fought & died to obtain freedom for all Americans.

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