Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday Drive

Last Sunday we took an afternoon ride to the top of a local mountain to photograph the valley visable from up there. This area is known to have rattlesnakes, but the air is chilly now so we felt safe. I followed Andy & Sierra in to the woods, taking my time, shooting a couple flowers & some bees enjoying the flowers. I started to follow Andy & was looking down toward the ground & there laid a rattlesnake! He & Sierra were on one side of it & I on the other! I had both of my cameras & it occurred to me to shoot, but I freak (& freeze)with ANY snake. So Andy did the shooting without a camera & we got out of there! We did catch a few nice scenery shots as we descended. Shown here is the entrance of the road, leading to the mountain top. I just love it in the fall when one can travel through "tunnels of gold". If I am not mistaken this shot was taken through the windshield. The other is a brick building beside an old house in town. I have taken a number of shots here from different angles. For this one I added some burlap texture from PS Elements. Oh yeah, the reason this place ends up in so many of my shots is because it is beside our favorite ice cream stand. That ice cream cone really tasted good after our adventure! Andy tells me I have joined the rank of photographers who have risk their life for a shot.

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