Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photoshop Elements 6

For my recent birthday I purchased myself Photoshop Elements 6 & to help me along the Photoshop Elements for Dummies guide. One of the goals for my vacation was to learn how to use this program. I have read part of the book & played around with the program. I return to work tomarrow (feet dragging)! So far I have been trying to remove a shot of Andy's nephew's motorcycle from an undesireable background to a desireable one using the magic extractor. After a several tries, coloring between the lines has become easier, although if motorcycles came with out a kickstand, hand controls, & mirrors the job would be much easier. I am going to share the before shot with the crowded background & my latest attempt, which I think is pretty good if you don't mind part of the back tire missing. Then it's back to the "drawing board" I'll get this yet!!

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Salty said...

Good start!

You may want to check out Scott Kelby's book on Elements 6.0, he writes some of the easiest to understand instruction for the various editions of photoshop on the market.