Saturday, September 20, 2008

Youth Field Day & a New Camera

Andy acts as coordinator for Fulton County Youth Field Day, a spin off from the PA Game Commission youth programs. The youth, ages 8 - 16 are introduced to & participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including water safety, muzzle loaders, clay pigeons, 22's, ATV safety, & wild turkey hunting. Programs can change from year to year, but the above listed are the core. A variety of conservation officers & volunteers provide instruction. About 25 kids enjoyed the day. Fundraising is done provide a lunch & door prizes, this year hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade french fries, baked beans & brownies fed the kids, instructors & parents. For safety, a parent is asked to accompany each participant. Each participant goes home with a T-shirt & a door prize; parents & instructors are given a hat. The kids really seemed to enjoy the day & I am betting more than one clay pigeon shooter has a sore shoulder!

Now for the good part. I presented myself a new Fujifilm S8100 with 18x zoom & 10 mega pixels earlier in the week. Pretty neat!! Over the years I have had good luck with Fuji products & plan to stick with them - beside less new stuff to learn. I can sit way back here & take a picture way up there! There is enough mega pixel that I can do some nice crops too. Andy ask if I wanted to take some shots today, of course I did, about 180 of them (although I weeded out bad ones to about 160). I am totally impressed! Nice shots, especially outdoors. And yes, I plan to share today & in the future.

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Mrs. Salty said...

Very nicely done with the photos; I think this is a great program for our youth; we need to pass on the traditions and way of life; it's a safe and fun way for them to learn.

Congrats on getting a new Fuji camera!