Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stop Off in Gettysburg

My long awaited 2 week vacation is quickly coming to an end. Three more day, the weekend, & then it's Monday. This has been a busy time & I am probably more tired than if I had been working. Attempted some heavy household chores & definitely have more sore muscles than my job causes & my allergies are a wreck thanks to the dust. Enough complaining. On our drive home from camping we made a quick stop in Gettysburg to take some shots. The plan is to return there to spend a day taking pictures of history. I will be the first to admit I am not a history buff, but it seems to me I can actually feel the grief, the stillness in the battlefield area, how horrible it must have been to fight your own countrymen, even as some accounts record, your brother. One of the monuments we seen was dedicated to a group from Maine - how long must it have taken just to get there! My best image of the day was of a cannon, I am now sorry I did not take a few minutes to read it's journey on the historical marker that was erected beside it to have it's story to share. Another favorite shot shows a reconstruction of the hospital, actually a barn. One can only imagine what horrors must have occurred as medical professional of that day practiced their trade.

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Mrs. Salty said...

Our trips to Gettysburg; have been made more real to me because Salty is a history buff; it is very heart wrenching to think about what the men had gone through.