Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yesterday vs Today

After giving some thought about what to post today I decided to take a look at two previous posts. In yesterday's post I showed the image of a reconstructed barn in Gettysburg & how the original stood on that field & served as a hospital during the Civil War. I mentioned one could not imagine the deplorable conditions in which those medical professionals (if they were professionals) worked. In contrast I noted in the first post about Codorus State Park that a fiery crash had occurred not too many minutes prior to our arrival. Within minutes ambulances & firetrucks were screaming around us. I would estimate within 15 minutes a helicopter landed on the highway to transport one of the injured for immediate care at a trauma center. Follow up in the newspaper the next day indicated two others were taken from the scene via ambulance to local hospitals. First responders had pulled the driver from the burning pick up truck, flight paramedics moved in within minutes to aid in transporting him to the nearest trauma center. All involved in this accident lived. If this accident had occurred even 10 years ago would the all the victims lived, I wonder. A husband or boyfriend, a son, & perhaps a father may have been lost that day. To take this to a more personal level, about 19 months ago we were preparing for Levi's arrival into the world in about two more months. Things went wrong & Kimberly was flown to Harrisburg to get more advanced medical care, Levi was born that night, weighing just over 3#, he had quit breathing @ birth. Without today's medical miracles it is very likely the unbearable thought is we may have lost both.

The images posted are of the accident flames & of the helicopter leaving the scene. The accident was shot through our windshield, the other was taken from the lake.

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