Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had a hard time deciding what to post today. In fact, I had one started, then remembered tomorrow starts "Skywatch Friday" & those shots would be perfect sky shots. So I started over. Reviewing my recent shots I decided to share some Easter highlights with you. This shot is of my youngest son, Caleb. I don't think you have met him before. Caleb has done a fantastic job over the past year loosing 100+ pounds by monitoring his eating & introducing exercise into his daily life. Good job, Caleb. That is hard work! Oh, yeah, he is single & has a good job, girls.

Levi was hunting Easter eggs! Ummm, not quite it Levi! Pretty color though.
Trinity is examining Easter basket treasures. Those freckles sure are cute. In about 10 years she won't agree!
Mady wanted to help Granny cook. She came seriously equipped with her own Winnie the Pooh apron. We enjoyed 10 family members at our Easter celebration this year. Nolan was sick, so he & Josh didn't make it. Daughters-in-law Jerri & Marti had to work. Andy's daughter, Molly, was not able to join us. Trinity is responsible for table setting. Levi & Mady got a bit ahead of the game & was at the table eating before everyone else & probably have alot to do with the following story. No one seem to have the correct eating utensils at their place! We had lots of spoons over on one side & none on the other! Kimberly had several sets! Mass confusion 'til everyone got what they needed. Until then the 2 little ones were satisfied & ready to go about their business. I reminded them I grew up in a family of 12 with 11 of us at the table nearly every evening & we NEVER lost our tools!

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Mrs. Salty said...

Congrats to Caleb on losing over 100 pounds!

Thanks for sharing your Easter day with us; the utensil story made me smile!