Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few More Birdfeeder Visitors

A couple "just for fun" shots.

The squirrels provide lots of entertainment. There is a group of 4 smaller (young ?) ones hanging out doing all kinds of stunts. I laughed this evening......we had a quick thunderstorm which must have blown the lid off the feeder shown just below this guy. He ran all over the feeder as usual trying to force food thru the small openings. Suddenly he stepped into the open area. You could almost see his surprise & delight as he dug in!

Another non bird visitor. This feeder will only open for smaller birds. Usually the finches feed here. He must be the correct weight cause he sure was enjoying his feast.

This tells me why the other birds flee when he & his troops land.

Notice the point on the woodpecker beak. I'd give him plenty of room too!

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