Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday's Shoppping Trip

Good Friday was a day off work, so I saved my Easter shopping for that day. As usual I started out the day excited. It was a beautiful, warm day. I was heading it the mall, a variety of other stores with money in my pocket for Easter goodies! As usual, about 3 hours into my trip I had enough. My mind is a shopper, but my body just doesn't cooperate! I was hot & those arthritic parts were quite painful. We had Easter baskets to fill & this was the last chance so I moved on. Had a good lunch, then finished the day at Walmart. After dragging myself to the car, a coffee drink was sounding good. So, I got some caffeinated refreshment & headed for City Park. Of course, I never leave home without a camera & had some daylight left to capture some swan shots. Imagine my delight when I found myself surrounded with tree blossoms. A gorgeous pink & white world!
The magnolia trees were amazing! Just loaded with blossoms. One of my Mom's favorites.
Needless to say I have quite a collection of magnolia blossom images.
A bit of color on the ground. For some reason I have trouble finding a shot I like of these luscious smelling beauties, so this will have to do for now!
After enjoying iced coffee & a good hour & half of spring colors, I was able to make a relaxed 45 minute trip home. You know, as I sit at my computer tonight thinking of the stores I visited & then ending the day at the park, both places were filled with children - crying & shouting in the stores, then delighted squeals of laughter while playing in the park. I agree with the little ones!


Willard said...

Beautiful flower shots!

Mrs. Salty said...

Stunning colors; thanks for sharing these! You had an excellent idea to relax at City Park after your shopping venture.