Saturday, April 18, 2009


Trinity's first soccer game was this morning. What a beautiful day for it, sunny with blue skies. Excellent light for pictures until about half way through. We had the 11 -12 game, as the sun rose higher in the sky I began noticing some wash out on the shots. Trinity did a good job, ran around alot, got her foot on the ball several times & played most of the game. Mady hung out with her mom, dad, & I. She would yell "go sister" once in awhile & had her own soccer ball in case the urge to play got too strong.

The way every young athlete ends any game. Good game!

I forgot to mention her team won. I needed to clone on some of the shots. A process which can be tedious. If ya gota clone a grass field is wonderful!

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Mrs. Salty said...

Great shots of Trinity and her team!