Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zoo Residents with Wings

During this past winter birds have really captured my attention. Maybe because we have kept the feeders filled in an area I can watch & photograph daily. Or maybe because they provide a touch of color in the dreary winter. Here are a few we observed at the zoo. Certainly amazing creatures!

I don't remember what this bird is, but he is from Africa & is housed with the flamingos. Not the best looking fellow in the zoo. Gorgeous Peacock! The head & neck color glowed! It doesn't show well in this shot but peacocks have a cute little head dress. I would have loved it if he would have showed his tail feathers. This guy was able to roam at will, but it made me sad to see a child allowed to chase him into some bushes. What's not to like about beautiful pink birds!
Those long skinny legs are amazing. How do they hold up that body? And those knees! I wonder, do they hurt?
While not strictly a zoo resident, this little fellow seemed happy to pose for me. I have noticed the well fed birds at my feeder fly at the slightest disturbance, "city" birds appear to be much calmer & don't fly off nearly as quickly.

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