Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Although I am a country person through & through, I find the city fascinating. The tall buildings, traffic, shops, & people rushing everywhere seem to draw me in.

This is a shot of the outside of the National Aquarium. The glass allows a peek at the rain forest.

I found this building to be interesting. Quite tall with lots of what appear to be houses on top. Each day I can step out my front door to be greeted by the outdoors rather than a hallway & elevator. My grandchildren can play in my front yard. I have my cherished privacy. How thankful I am!
Traffic, oh my! Cars, trucks, & buses everywhere. Numerous red lights. Can you imagine driving to work, to shop, just about anywhere in all the traffic? Those of us with manual transmissions would soon make a change. How about paying one of the many parking garages for a parking space? It cost $21 dollars for the hours we spent exploring.

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