Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn Color

From time to time my work takes me to the local hospital/nursing home combination to complete assessments. About 2 years ago a new building was built to house both facilities. The construction took place in a donated field near town. When landscaping was completed unpaved ground was put into meadow restoration instead of the usual formal setting. A controversial move, to say the least, many don't like it. I, for one love it! This is something I would like to do in my backyard (front too, but between my husband & father-in-law it ain't gonna happen). I have enjoyed the various wildflowers blooming at the medical center all summer, of course the Rebel was usually with me but I never had time for a shot. Now, autumn displays are taking over. Beautiful! It was time to do some images. The trees are lovely - Japanese Maples, I believe. Bright spots of reds & oranges surround the parking lot. The lovely flowers add spots of happiness in a meadow browning up, preparing for cold & snow.

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Mrs. Salty said...

Breathtakingly beautiful~