Sunday, September 6, 2009


Drove to Hagerstown, MD to do a bit of shopping today. There are a variety of routes from my home to Hagerstown, I chose to eventually hit route 40. Just after turning onto 40 I was surprised by a huge field of sunflowers. One sunflower looks so happy, imagine thousands! The Canon Rebel XT, as usual, was at my side. I looked around & decided at that point it was almost too bright, but would be sure to take that way home. I shopped with that goal in mind & was able to stop on my drive back through. I captured quite a few images, again as usual for me. Light was rapidly disappearing, but some of the shots are pretty good, others not so thing I did discover is a Nissan Versa makes a lousy tripod!

Not the best image, but you get the idea. Will share more as I post process.

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