Saturday, September 26, 2009

Youth Field Day, Trinity, & Mady

Today turned out to be much busier than anticipated. My plans were to spend some time catching up on image editing, but that didn't happen. Decided to post a few quick shots from YFD 2009. If the participant seem familiar & is in all the pictures it's because Trinity was old enough to participate this year. Hard to turn the camera on another child when my grand kids are present!

Image #1 shows DWCO Bob Strait "suiting Trinity up" for some .22 practice. Little did he know she has a pink .22 & is already a pro.

Some black powder action.
Big gun, little kid. One shot with the shotgun was enough. It kicked!! Trinity is prepared to take part in youth hunts this fall. Don't tell the local PGC officers, but she says she can fill her tag & her Dad's too! The florescent orange vest was her door prize that day.

Mady attended too. Never to young to watch. At the archery station, every time bows were laid down to gather shot arrows she had to pet that deer.

Mady is modeling safe hunting apparel & holding a retriever training bird.

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Mrs. Salty said...

I didn’t know there was a pink .22clever way of getting young girls interested in hunting. Mady is so cute petting the deer!