Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Youth Field Day, Bright Sun, & Man's Best Friend

The Annual Youth Field Day was held this past Saturday at the Fulton County Pistol & Rifle Club. As I explained last year various stations dealing with outdoor activities are set up, many of the stations include hands on training. Two new stations were added this year. Pine Creek Kennels demonstrated retrievers. Local wildlife photographers & bloggers "County Captures" & "Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer" shared skills on how to get a good shot without the use of a firearm.

Weather-wise it was the perfect day. Comfortable temps, brilliant blue skies, bright sunshine. For my photography, not so good. The shadows were quite dark & the brights were very bright. I used a neutral density 4x filter, but have read the circular polarizer may have done a better job. I did end up with many nice images which I will share another day. Looking at the images in this post you can see some of the problems.

The weimaraner, in my opinion, is an absolutely gorgeous animal. This one is quite young and still learning the perfect point. As you see in the second image she has the retrieving down pretty well. The black lab is a favorite retriever & happily shared his skills. The final shot is an Irish setter who, as you can see, is an old pro.

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