Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bird Bath

We purchased a birdbath in the spring & set it up outside my window where I have captured many bird images. Well....until yesterday I have seen any number of birds & animals drinking or even eating from it. When my Granddaughter helps feed the birds, she always makes sure she "accidentally" places food in the water! I happen to look outside yesterday to see a bird with some blue on it perched on the post. Popping up for a closer examination I discovered 3 bluebirds. Pretty unusual in my yard. Poor things were really scruffy looking, all blue, grey, & orange. (in molt?). Soon they all landed on the birdbath, then 1 hopped down into the water to flutter & splash. One of the 3 was chased by the bird that sat on the edge of the pottery watching until bathing was complete, then both flew away. Pictures? Of course the Rebel XT was up in a flash!

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Mrs. Salty said...

How cute the bluebirds are!