Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backyard Acrobat

Mom told me recently she had ask my sister how she would like to be a squirrel. I'm not sure why this came about, but anyhow, watching this guy this evening reminded me of that. It's pretty amazing the positions a squirrel can assume to get a treat from a bird feeder. An interesting fact about squirrels is they are very forgetful. The nuts & other goodies they work so hard to store may never be found in the cold of winter. Maybe that's why they are frequent guests at the birdfeeder! After awhile I did spread corn & sunflower seeds where he could reach & fill his tummy comfortably.

Oh yeah. The answer to the squirrel question was no - I did not ask!!!

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Mrs. Salty said...

These photos are cute, although I like to feed birds. Salty built a feeder for on our deck.