Tuesday, March 31, 2009

National Aquarium Rainforest

As mentioned in a previous post the Rainforest was my favorite area of the National Aquarium. I seemed to have as much trouble focusing the camera here as I did anywhere else. It was difficult for me to think about manual focusing with everything else that was going on so I stuck with autofocus. Hopefully, one day, I will have a second chance.

Beautiful flowers
Beautiful birds & waterfalls
Beautiful plants
Nice to see our houseplants in a native setting, not Walmart!
Delightful bird calls
Would I like to visit a rainforest along the equator? Snakes (big ones), bugs (more big ones), heat & humidity. I got enough of a peep to know a rainforest has to be beautiful, but that's a great big NO! I' ll stick with the controlled (safe) environment offered at the National Aquarium.