Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Ducks Just Gotta Have Fun!

I had a quite enjoyable lunch hour yesterday watching the ducks on the pond at Roaring Spring. As you see this little lady is shaking her tail. Isn't the blue stripe on her wing lovely?

I'm not sure what he is doing but it included rocking back & forth in the water several times!

I did not know ducks perched in trees. Pretty shocking when he took off & this is where she landed. Since then I have learned that nearby there are ducks that hatch their young in trees. The ducklings are able to fly to the ground when the time comes. I didn't feel quite so badly when Andy told me he did not know this duck fact - don't they come under the protection of a Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer?

A shot that turned out badly showed a male & female on the water facing each other. His beak was open as she quietly listened. They stayed in that position for several minutes. Ladies, any thoughts?


Your EG Tour Guide said...

The duck in the tree seems strange to me...but hey! They fly so why not land in trees?

Yes, the stripe on the female's wing is beautiful.

Arija said...

Wild ducks nest in trees and the ducklings launch themselves into nothingness well before they grow feathers and usually survive a 20' fall! The are downy little things when mother duck leads them to water.

Ranger said...

Great shots. Some day you'll get a perfect one.

Mynn03 said...

Went to the roaring spring duck pond a week ago and noticed 4 dead ducks washed in the grate. Went back 2 days later and they were still there. Not sure whats going on there.