Monday, March 30, 2009


When we chose our seats for the dolphin show we sat in the splash area. I really should have suspected something was up when staff reminded several times that those seats "just may get splashed". We didn't move. Dolphins performed, we didn't get wet, show continued, we were still dry. A trainer came our way, the dolphin followed & proceeded to splash his tail, not once but several times. We got WET.

I think dolphins are special creatures. One of the interesting facts given was that dolphins recognize themselves in a mirror, something not done by most other animals, not even the domestic ones we have in our homes. To think they can be trained to present a program such as this is amazing.

Levi wasn't happy about the salt water bath.
Still wet. The monkey doesn't look happy either.


Ranger said...

Nice dolphin shots. Next time take Levi a rain coat.

Mrs. Salty said...

I learned something about dolphins; they can recognize themselves in a mirror; that’s interesting. The photo of Levi and the monkey is one for the scrapbook. :)