Sunday, March 29, 2009

A New Experience

I visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore yesterday with Kimberly, Duane, and Levi. A first for me. As it seems all my outings have been, it was rainy & cloudy. Making images in this type environment - glass cased, under water, & low light - all were problems to overcome (or not!). I was able to manage the flash reflection in glass most of the time, but then there was the issue of reflections from lights on the other side in the glass in front of us. Didn't make out so well on that issue. I was drawn to the more colorful fish & seascapes. Some pretty amazing sights going on below the surface of our ocean. The adaptations of each species to meet it's needs is nothing short of miraculous. The Rain Forest was my favorite area with it's colorful birds & plants. The dolphin show was wonderful. What a fun way to present a message on conservation.
Levi did quite well for a 2 year old. No strollers allowed so he walked, ran, climbed, & everything else little boys do. He liked the sharks & watched many of the fish closely. The dolphins were a bit of a problem, but that is a post for another day.

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Mrs. Salty said...

Beautiful photos; glad you had a great day!